Rosegold Ready

Rosegold Ready
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Rosegold - ready Our Rose Gold Brush Plating Solution doesn’t have to be mixed beforehand,... mehr
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Rosegold - ready Our Rose Gold Brush Plating Solution doesn’t have to be mixed beforehand, making it more convenient to use. To make a stronger shade of rose gold, mix in some of our Rose Gold Mixerand to soften the shade mix in some of our White Gold Mixer or Green Gold Mixer. Can also be used with both of our plating pens.A rose gold plating solution that doesn’t have to be mixed beforehand. Plates an 18kt hard gold copper alloy.Recommended electrode: Carbon, Voltage: 3 – 3.5  Gold Concentration9.1g/lVoltage Range3.0 – 3.5*ElectrodeCarbonAlloy consistency (at mix ratio 1Mixer:10 K-Gold)75% Gold, 25% CopperColour designationBetween 4N and 5NTemperature20 – 25 °CPlating Rate at (3.3 volts, carbon electrode)Approx. 1.5 microns per minute (max)HardnessHard: In excess of 400 HvDensity of deposit14.4 g/cm3StressMediumSpecial storage requirementsAway from sunlightShelf life1 – 2 yearsHealth and Safety classificationIrritantSpecial considerationsNone (cyanide-free)Transport (UN number)None: Not classified as dangerous for transport* Reduce to 2.5 – 3.0 volts when using small swabs. 

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