Platin Elektrolyt

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  • RGI-Platin
Platin Elektrolyt    Platin zeichnet sich durch hohe Abriebfestigkeit aus und... mehr
Produktinformationen "Platin Elektrolyt"
Platin Elektrolyt 
Platin zeichnet sich durch hohe Abriebfestigkeit aus und verleiht eine edle graue Oberfläche. Alternativ: weisses Palladium
Mit Platinelektrode oder Graphitelektrode auf Gold - Goldflash - Nickel auftragen.



A Platinum Plating Solution with 10 grams of platinum per litre that’s been designed specifically for brush plating.

It plates a hard wearing, bright white layer. Ideal for both decorative and functional purposes.

Features Applications
High concentration of platinum – 10 grams per litre Suitable for brush plating both decorative and functional items such as jewellery and electrical connectors



Operating Conditions and Deposit Data

Voltage Range 4.0 – 5.0 volts
Temperature 20 – 25 °C (25 °C preferred)
Platinum concentration 10 g/l
Electrode Carbon
Platinum content in plate Above 99.9%
Plating Rate at (3.5 volts, Platinum electrode) Approx. 0.25 micron per minute (spot) – see notes)
Hardness 405 Hv
Density of deposit 21.4 g/cm3
Electrical resistivity of deposit 9.8 micro ohms/cm
Stress Not determined
Special storage requirements None
Shelf life Over 2 years
Health and Safety classification Irritant
Special considerations None
Transport (UN number) 2796



  • We strongly advise against the use of stainless steel anodes for most of our plating processes.
  • Higer voltages give greater plating rates, however more gas is liberated and a mist mask is recommended.
  • Plating rates are calculated over a sample area which is permanently covered by swab.
  • Will plate directly onto freshly prepared nickel or stainless steel.


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